What Are the Requirements to Obtain an EB 5 Visa?

Posted by Adam Hodson on Enero 29, 2015

Most people who live in America tend to take their citizenship for granted. Although most people are born into their American citizenship, many foreigners have to find alternative ways to become citizens if they wish to stay legally in the country for an extended period. One method of gaining short-term and eventually long-term citizenship is by obtaining an Eb-5 Visa. Here are some things to know about this process and what is required to obtain one.

What is It?
An EB-5 visa allows foreigners to obtain a green card through investment for up to two years, with the potential to extend it to permanence. Basically, if a foreigner invests a certain amount of money and begins a specific number of new job implantation’s, they and their dependents receive citizenship. The applicants must invest the right amount and achieve the proper amount of business investment during the time period in order for their citizenship to become permanent.

Required Investment Amounts
An investment of at least one million dollars must be made unless it is in a “targeted employment area” where five hundred thousand is typically the required investment. This investment can be in cash, tangible items, equipment, or indebtedness, and is measured in equivalent American currency.

A Specific Number of Job Creations
Along with this investment, a requirement of ten created jobs for U.S. citizens are required during the preliminary two-year period. These jobs must be eligible businesses that provide employment opportunities for others. They can be either indirect or induced, meaning they were either primarily associated with the means of a business, or they were used as a side job to help provide for the eb-5 regional center.

Certain Business Entities
There are many business entities that the EB-5 investor visa applicants can invest into. Commercial enterprises are one option, which have a variety of different partnerships and benefits. Another common option is the investment into regional centers which can be beneficial because it prevents the investor from independently setting something up.

As you can see, the Eb-5 or immigrant investor visa is a great way to allow foreigners to achieve citizenship legally. Foreigners who are interested in citizenship for business and investment purposes are especially benefited by this process. If you are not from America and are looking for a way to obtain citizenship for you and your family, consider the Eb-5 visa as your top option.

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